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Region VI TX HRF supported by ATSsim

During the Region VI Texas Homeland Response Force External Evaluation, members of Applied Training Solutions, LLC provided exercise simulation control, June 7-14.

In support of the Risk Mitigation Modeling and Simulation contract, ATS provides exercise support to various FEMA regions to conduct and train on emergency management exercises, such as this HRF EXEVAL.

This exercise consisted of four different scenarios throughout. The first two days consisted of reacting to simulated chemical agents such as Sarin and Sulfur mustard gas. The next day the HRF reacted to a radiological dispersal device, followed by a simulated 10 kiloton (kT) detonation in the area.

The TX HRF conducted staff analysis, planning, and execution all while refining operational drills and standard operating procedures during the evaluation to improve overall effectiveness of the organization.  They had to coordinate and provide command and control, casualty assistance security, medical, decontamination, and casualty and fatality recovery assistance.

Exercises and training events like this allow the HRF to realistically assess their overall preparedness in the event of a real-world Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear attack. The response force would receive, review, and react to orders from civil authorities to plan a rapid and focused National Guard response to ensure the mitigation of human suffering and loss of life.

Overall, the TX HRF, their CBRN Task Force, Casualty Assistance Support Element, Headquarters Joint Task Forces from Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arkansas, as well as 17 additional CBRN units were involved or simulated in the events.

ATS members played a key role during this exercise ensuring they planned and coordinated the simulated exercise injects, as well as assisting with the training of the staff level officers and non-commissioned officers. ATS assisted all levels of staff during the exercise in varying capacities, providing subject matter expertise while creating a successful training exercise event.

Overall, the exercise was considered a success and the Texas HRF demonstrated their proficiency during their evaluation, certifying them for the HRF mission for the next three years.

As a leader in emergency preparedness training and readiness, ATS continues to actively work to deliver innovative, experience-based disaster-preparedness exercise solutions for local, state, and federal agencies to protect communities. Preparation for disasters helps reduce panic and possible loss of life. Utilizing simulation helps these units prepare for managing multiple units during a real-life event.

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